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Two new weekend series begin—SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity and MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin

Having begun airing on May 26, SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity and MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin recently waged a battle of viewing share. The first episodes of both the series were mostly watched by women in their forties.

The first episode of A Gentleman’s Dignity recorded a viewing share of 14.1%, which was 3.1% higher than its previous series, Dummy Mommy, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, on May 27.

Women over their forties took up the bigger part of the viewing audience than any other sex and age groups.

In the first episode, architect Kim Do Jin, played by Jang Dong Gun, and three of his friends show up, and Don Jin gets to know of Seo Yi Soo, played by Kim Ha Neul.

The first episode of MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin recorded a viewing share of 12.2%. The record is 1.1% lower than the record set by the first episode of Feast of Gods, a series that aired before Dr. Jin.

In the first episode, great surgeon Jin Hyuk, played by Song Seung Hun, loses his conscious when he sees an unidentified patient, and the doctor time travels from 2012 to 1860.


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