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A-Jax reveals the teaser of their debut title “One 4 U”

A new group A-Jax from DSP Media, revealed the teaser of their debut title song “One 4 U.”

The teaser video that was revealed on May 29 is about the ‘birth of A-Jax.’ They showed off their manliness like the warriors from the movie 300, and heralded the arrival of the new heroes of year 2012.

This teaser raised expectations of the full video of “One 4 U” because it provided magnificent spectacles with its grand temple, cage sets and special outfits.

DSP Media produced popular male groups such as Sechs Kies and SS501. A-Jax, who is a male group from DSP Media after a five-year hiatus, is expected to follow the heels of SS501 and gain popularity.

They attracted attention from fans all over the world because even before their debut, they performed the opening stage of Kara’s solo concert in front of 32,000 people that was held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

A-Jax’s debut single “One 4 U” will be released on various music sites on June 1, and the teaser video is currently available on A-Jax’s official Youtube channel and Naver Music.

YouTube Preview Image


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