by fyeahuta

BoA still gets stage fright

Singer BoA recently said that she still gets stage fright.

BoA appeared on KBS’s Win Win and surprised the entire crew by saying, “I started getting stage fright when I debuted in Japan and I still get stage fright.”

She added, “I felt that I’m not good enough as a singer when I held a debut showcase in Japan. Then I started getting stage fright. Some people even said that it would take 10 years for me to hold a concert.”

She said honestly, “I was singled out for not hitting the high notes when I was a trainee. I’m not good at singing live so I focused more on dancing than singing when I first started training.”

BoA also talked about how she tried hard to become a singer who can sing live well in and outside of the country. “I relied on 20 percent talent and 80 percent effort.”


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