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Kong Yoo and Lee Min Jung appeal with distinctive charms in the main poster of Big

The scriptwriters Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran’s “loco” series Big has revealed its main poster after releasing five individual posters consecutively.

A day after another, KBS 2’s mini-series Big has become popular with its posters and recently, the main poster was revealed after the one with all cast in it. As the main figures of “locos” in the series, Kong Yoo and Lee Min Jung are projecting distinctive charms through the poster. Because these actors will appear in different roles they used to play, people are building more expectations.

Kong Yoo is puckering up his lips with his thumb posing somewhat mischievously then smugly. You cannot find his previous sweet smile that melted all female viewers’ hearts.

Lee Min Jung, on the other hand, projects a confident look. In this contrary atmosphere, the caption that reads, “Impertinent approach and love grows,” strongly evokes the curiosity over how the relationship between Kong and Lee will develop.

The main poster that appeals with comic, melodramatic, and “impertinent” factors seems to build more expectations for Kong and Lee’s new roles in the series. Big tells an interesting romantic relationship between a callow female teacher and an engaged man with decent career but possessed with young spirit. The first episode will be on Monday, June 4 at 9:55 p.m. on KBS 2.


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