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Why did BoA feel uncomfortable meeting Yang Hyun Seok?

Singer BoA recently talked about her first meeting with Yang Hyun Seok, who she appeared with on K-pop Star.

BoA appared in the May 29 episode of KBS’s Win Win and talked about JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young and YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Seok.

She was reminded of her first meeting with both Park and Yang and said, “I met Park and Yang for the first time for the show. Park told me to call him ‘oppa’ but Yang told me to call him ‘boss’ and that’s why I felt uncomfortable around him.”

She made people laugh out lout by saying, “But when Yang arrived at the set late, I couldn’t help saying “Can you please be on time?” Then I started calling him ‘oppa’ as well.”

BoA also talked about the origins of her nickname ‘mordant speaker,’ which she earned by appearing on the show as a jury member. She said, “I’m very straightforward and I don’t beat around the bush. I tried to sound like a lady at first but I gradually revealed my true character.”

BoA appeared on a talk show for the first time in 12 years. She said that she debuted when she was 13 years old and unveiled the story of her hard life becoming an Asian star.


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