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Big Bang T.O.P’s video teaser for “Monster” revealed

The anticipation is building following the release of T.O.P’s video teaser for Big Bang’s newest track “Monster.”

On May 29, YG Entertainment released the first video teaser for Big Bang’s Still Alive- Special edition which is due out on June 3 and 6.

In the newly released music video, T.O.P starts with his narrative voice saying, “It’s been a while. You look beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful to me.” The video ends up with a close-up of T.O.P whose eyes are turned blue.

It is expected that YG Entertainment will release a new music video teaser of each member every day at midnight. Regarding what to expect on the upcoming album, YG Entertainment stated, “Fans, be prepared to be blown away by the shocking transformation of each member and a large-scale blockbuster video.”

With a title song, “Monster”, Still Alive-Special Edition will contain 9 songs, 5 of which are the groups hit songs, including “Blue,” “Bad Boy,” “Fantastic Baby,” and, “Love dust.”

“Monster”, written and composed by G-Dragon is expected to be set apart from their previous tracks by being bolder and stronger.


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