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BoA celebrates her 11th year of Japanese debut

BoA, the ‘star of Asia’ have a lot of good things happening recently

Previously on May 29 on KBS 2TV’s Kim Seung Woo’s Seung Win Win, BoA honestly revealed her stories about all the hardships she went through from her debut until now.

BoA’s deeply moved the audiences’ hearts because it has been BoA’s first appearance at a talk show. That is why people still positively compliment about her appearance on Win Win on May 30.

It has been eleven years since BoA debuted in Japan on May 30. She debuted on year 2000 in Korea when she was thirteen, and debuted in Japan on 2001 May 30 with her single, ID:PeaceB. Since then, every time she released an album, she ranked the top of Japanese Oricon Charts with her albums.

Fans all over the world congratulated her 11th year since the debut through various SNS and internet.

BoA expressed her appreciation by posting on her Twitter, “Today is the 11th anniversary of my debut in Japan. I want to thank all the fans who have been cheering for me. I love you all.”


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