by fyeahuta

BoA had an entertainer boyfriend 2 years ago

BoA recently said that it’s been 2 years since last time she had a boyfriend.

In the preview for the next episode of KBS’s Win Win, which aired on May 29, BoA surprised the entire crew by saying honestly, “My last boyfriend was an entertainer, who I dated 2 years ago.”

BoA drew a lot of attention by being honest throughout the show. BoA said that she entered her middle school first on the list and added, “I don’t regret that I decided not to go to a university. You can’t have everything you want. It’s natural to lose one thing if you gain one.”

BoA also said that she started dieting when she was 14 years old. She made people laugh by saying honestly, “How can I grow taller since I tried to lose weight when I was that young. I will regret this for forever.” In addition, she said, “Debuting in Japan was hard too. I didn’t have a translator. But no matter how hard I studied Japanese, I was at a loss for words.”

People responded: “I wonder who she dated.” “I can’t wait to see the next episode of the show.” “Her boyfriend was an entertainer? Who?”


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