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Dal Shabet unveil new album jacket photos including new member Woo Hee

Dal Shabet recently unveiled their new album jacket photos before coming back to the music scene.

Planning to release their first full-length album Bang Bang on June 7, Dal Shabet released their new album jacket photos, in which the new member Woo Hee is included, on May 30.

In the photos, Dal Shabet members are dressed in black and white and enjoying roller-skating. They’re also highlighting their girly looks with ribbons and hairbands.

The new member Woo Hee is especially attracting many people’s attention with her cute, lively look, which is completely different from the innocent one in the picture recently released.

Dal Shabet’s producer and composer E-Tribe says, “Unlike the previous trendy and stylish albums, Dal Shabet’s first full-length album is characterized by melody. As Woo Hee joined the group, I tried to make the vocal parts stand out.”

Dal Shabet will hold a showcase to celebrate the release of their first full-length album at CGV M Cube on June 5.


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