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K-Pop Night Out at Music Matters Live 2012 Stupefies Clarke Quay Crowd

On Thursday, May 24, Music Matters Live 2012 kicked off their live music festival with their “K-POP NIGHT OUT” show. Every year, All That Matters holds a showcase spanning many different sectors, ranging from technology and gaming to music and entertainment. As a celebration of live music in Asia, the organizers hold the Music Matters Live concerts, featuring over forty bands from across the globe.

This year’s show included a “K-POP NIGHT OUT” concert, and the lineup featured prominent Korean artists including BTOB, Rhythm King, JKyun, Clazzi, Jinsil, MYK, Yi Seungyeol, Bizzy, M.I.B, Drunken Tiger, and Yoon Mirae. (read all about them during the press conference here!) In addition to the live performance in Singapore, the concert’s broadcasting partner YouTube streamed the entire show live on the internet.

Not to waste anymore time, the first warm up for the crowd which has been accumulating since noon was the band Rhythm King, swaying the crowd in their musical funk and glitteratzi and army-camo outfits. They performed “Love Song” as their most popular track at the end of their show in addition to four of their newest tracks,It’s Over, Gossip, Butterfly, My MusicVocalist Bumkey made a huge interaction with the fans watching. “We could be friends on Twitter, right? See you guys there!”

Making a serious entrance with their title track, Insane, the BTOB boys exploded onto the stage scene where they gathered up into their choreographed positions. “Two, four, Born to Beat! What’s up Singapore!” greeted the band. They were perspiring to an extent as the air is humid and they were heavily decked in glitter blazers and heavy jewelry. Monday to Sunday and Imagine was performed among other songs. After an-all dance session to showcase their popping and choreography skills, they talked among other things of their little activities they did on the first day in Singapore, they finally performed “the song we have never performed this anywhere before live, how does it go? Geu ipsureul ppaeseosseo~” teased from the chorus which was greeted by waves of cheers. Knowing their popularity for the seven rookies was apparent – many was having pout faces seen on fans’ faces on the front line when they exited the stage.

J’Kyun, the “sing with me – the hip hop prince J in the house” crooner then followed the boy group with a five song set. He greeted garnered a strong collection of cheer. Along with his two singer friends to come up on stage, they sang for seven songs, a true rapper of his kind, he made a great audience interaction to do a hand wave during his chorus “Fly baby girl~”, join in the rap to say “yo yeah yo” and “for all the Singaporean ladies in the house, say Ah~!” He certainly knows his charm to break out the ice and get the fangirls go wild for the night!

The open space changed into a trance scene when DJ Clazzi took over. The solo man wihout his teamopened up his set with a remix of Duck Sauce and Bad Girl performed a thirty minute set, featuring the person he aspires to and his friend Yi Seungyeol, with Jinsil and MYK. It was a fantastic set but it was rather offbeat due to it being an outdoor space – we wish that he will be invited to a club to play indoors! More recognizable tunes which was a popular track from Clazziquai Project was Be My Lover from My Lovely Samsoon drama used as a remix! He brought the audience into a futuristic journey that went deeper into the night.

The night came into the part where all were waiting for: the appearance of Jungle Fam of Jungle Entertainment and the King and Queen of Hiphop and SoulM.I.B and Bizzy made a truly busy appearance that feasted all angles of the stage, properly greeting and making all fans go wild in satisfaction. From Girls, Dreams, Money to Who Am I, they rocked the stage with their mentor like there’s no tomorrow before the spotlight came on to Yoon Mirae aka Tasha, rocking into her grunge sexy look of glow-in-the-dark bikini string of yellow and cut-out tee! Sprung into action of her solo track Get It In, the stage was in full fervor with the Most Incredible Busters boys that came back up on stage to share the stage with Tasha! It was a night like no other – the euphoria of the humid heat was mixed together with the power of Jungle Fam all in a stage where you cannot find elsewhere, except where Music Matters Live makes dreams come true for the Jungle Entertainment family to come and do their show, and all coming in for free in the name of music. Their session however, sadly was shorter than the rest, to which Tiger JK did respond when I asked him the next day why he didn’t sing 8:45 that “they were cut short due to delayed time”.

K-Pop Night Out at Clarke Quay successfully sunk in the benchmark of “extraordinary showcase” that covers all areas of music – not only your usual boybands you see, but real talent and producing from a range of music genres in the Korean Wave.

Special thanks for the team Music Matters Live 2012, brought to you by Branded Asia! For those who have missed the performance, watch the entire livestream record below, via Youtube, which starts at 1:28:00


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