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Lee Yeon Hee reveals a self-portrait taken on the set of Phantom

Recently, actress Lee Yeon Hee revealed a photo taken on the set of SBS’s new drama series Phantom(written by Kim Eun Hee, directed by Kim Hyung Shik and Park Shin Woo).

On May 29, Lee uploaded a picture on Facebook with the comment, “Join us for the first episode of Phantomtomorrow at 9:55 p.m.” The photo was shared on the official Facebook account of SM Town.

In the picture, the star is holding a piece of paper which reads, “Dear SM Town family, don’t forget to watch the first episode of Phantom on May 30,” looking into the camera. Despite the tiring schedule she must have been going through, she kept her beautiful smile on in the picture.

In the series, Lee plays lieutenant Yoo Kang Mi of the cyber police investigative service. She is known as the best looking girl in the police force since it was established, but contrary to her chic, haughty appearance, she is an easy-going girl with a cute charm. Later, she builds a special relationship with another cyber investigator Woo Hyun (played by So Ji Sub).

The series will cover the cyber world that we all live in and the joy and sorrow of some cyber investigators who discover secrets of humanity in modern technology. It will also appeal with suspense and thrilling moments while solving a puzzle. Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee and producer Kim Hyung Shik who made a big hit with the series Sign last year got back together to produce another masterpiece. The series premieres on May 30 at 9:55 p.m.


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