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SNSD’s Yoona reminds many males of their first love

Recently, SNSD’s Yoona was selected as the star with pure image that reminds male fans of their first love the most.

From the 22th to the 29th of May, the community portal website DC Inside conducted a survey with the question, “Which female star reminds you of your first love?” As a result, Yoona gained most votes.

Among 14,711 votes in total, she won 6,278 votes which translate into 42.7%. People explained that her long, straight hair, pure image, and fragile figure are the reason why, but her bright character which does not seem to get along with her appearance also played a big role in attracting fans’ attention. In the KBS 2’s series Love Rain which closed on May 29, she showed off her charm by playing two roles at a time; elegant character Kim Yoon Hee and bright, innocent girl Jung Hana.

Following Yoona, actress Han Hyo Joo ranked second with an approval rating of 28.7% (4,219 votes). She has been appealing with a friendly image like a girl next door, but sometimes like an older sister, a younger sister, or a daughter. She approached viewers with a bright, angelic, and positive character in the series Spring Waltz, Like Land and Sky, and Brilliant Legacy, receiving positive feedback from the audience.

Third place went to actress Han Ji Min with the number of 1,271 votes (8.6%). Her small, fragile figure, clear eyes, innocent appearance, and elegant posture stir up the protective instinct among males. Because she is active in volunteering services, she is known as one of the best celebrities practicing good deeds.

Actress Moon Geun Young, Miss A’s Suzy, and actress Han Ga In followed the rankings.


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