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Kara Criticized for Ripping-Off Gucci’s Swimsuit Style for Recent Comeback Outfit

Kara Criticized for Ripping-Off Gucci’s Swimsuit Style for Recent Comeback Outfit

Kara and their new wardrobes are under the spotlight again. Since their comeback with “Pandora,” the girls have been under fire for their revealing stage outfits. Many have been comparing them to swimsuits and lingerie, commenting that it was inappropriate for young girls who are role models to other young girls to be wearing such lascivious outfits.

This time, the controversy didn’t surround the clothes they wore for their title track “Pandora,” but for their followup track “Miss U.” During the most recent episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo,” the girls were seen wearing a sweet one-shoulder yellow dress for “Miss U.” Their dress had a distinct bust and shoulder design. However, several netizens recognized the dress from luxury label Gucci’s2008 Spring/Summer swimsuit collection.

As shown in the photo comparing the two, the dress and swimsuit looked almost identical with the exception of a flared skirt and the location of the ribbon.

Netizens commented, “Copy much? They look exactly the same,” “It looks pretty on Kara, but I’m disappointed in them and their stylists,” “They should be ashamed of themselves,” “With hallyu so popular worldwide, they should be more careful,” “They probably thought they could get away with it,” and more.

In related news, Kara is also under fire for parking their vehicles in handicapped parking spots. Read the story here! 


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