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Paris Hilton Shows Off “Bbuing Bbuing” Aegyo

Paris Hilton Shows Off “Bbuing Bbuing” Aegyo

Paris Hilton and Kim Janghoon poses “bbuing bbuing” style.

Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton uploaded a picture with the comment, “Love these pics of me & Kim Jang Hoon. Such a nice guy & funny too! Had a great time shooting with him.”

Inside the picture, she wore a youthful looking one piece dress with cute sunglasses. Kim Janghoon can be seen doing the “bbuing bbuing” pose with Paris Hilton. It really does look like that Paris Hilton participated in his music video shooting.

She also wrote on her twitter earlier on August 24, “On set shooting with Kim Jang Hoon. Such a nice guy! Love” and included a proof shot as well.

He’s planning to release his 10th full-length album on October 4 and his music video will star Paris Hilton. The music video was shot in LA and Malibu on August 23-25 incorporating blue screen technology. They are planning to release a 2D and 3D versions of the music video.


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