by fyeahuta

Lenjehneration is a group that will rock the world!


The group named Lenjeh, formed since September 1, 2006. The first formation, composed of 12 members. Rini Hardiyanti (Rini), Ditha Maretsha (Dytha), Septian Saputra Aljawali (Uta), Shinta Lifiani (Shinta), Distriyati Anisa Alamiah (Adis), Citra Anggraeny Kartika Sari (Citra), Dinda Aprilia (Dinda), Desi Permatasari (Dheasy), Ana Maria (Ana), Meriska (Merky), Sheravinne Shara Junita (Vinne) and Meta Nurkhalidah (Metha). Since September 2007, three of them out, from the group. Namely, Ana, Merky and Vinne. In August 2011, joined Mellynda Karlina (Melly) as the tenth member. But, Melly resigned in late 2011, before his debut with Lenjeh. In early 2012, Lenjeh renamed, becoming Lenjehneration.

5 of 9 members Lenjehneration will debut the first time, this year’s … who are they?


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