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G-Dragon Posts Photograph of Taeyang’s Fierce Eyes on Twitter

G-Dragon Posts Photograph of Taeyang’s Fierce Eyes on Twitter

A cute photograph of Big Bang member Taeyang’s fierce eyes has been posted online.

On August 29, fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon posted the photograph of Taeyang on his Twitter account along with the following words: “His hard eyes look.”

In the photograph, Taeyang had come to visit G-Dragon’s music video set for “One of A Kind.”  Taeyang is wearing a bandana do-rag and staring straight into the camera.  With his fierce eyes, the cute Taeyang nowhere to be found, everyone laughed upon seeing the photograph.

Within YG Family, the now-famous G-dragon and Taeyang started their preparation together to become singers at the young age of 13 years old.  They have been with YG Entertainment for over ten years as G-Dragon and Taeyang are both now 24 years old.

Though “One Of A Kind” is a track on his upcoming album, G-Dragon is only releasing the music video.  See the music video for “One Of A Kind” on Soompi!

G-Dragon’s new single “That XX” will be released this coming September 1.  You can check out the teaser photo on Soompi.


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