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Netizens Raise Park Bom Plastic Surgery Rumors Again

Netizens Raise Park Bom Plastic Surgery Rumors Again

We know this is getting old now, but Korean netizens have once again sparked “Park Bom plastic surgery rumors” with a new set of photos.

Recently, photos titled, “Park Bom Paparazzi Photo in the U.S.,” surfaced online. It shows two photos of Park Bom, allegedly the now and before photos of the 2NE1 member. The first photo was reportedly taken recently when Park Bom visited the U.S. for 2NE1’s concert. Netizens took note of her “bloated” cheeks, calling them “Park Bom’s explosive cheeks.”

It goes on to compare the photo to Park Bom’s pre-debut photo, which shows her with a much slimmer facial figure. With much less make up, Park Bom almost looks like a different person, but she’s still extremely attractive in both photos.

Netizens commented, “Park Bom used to look so cute!” “I like her now better,” and “You guys are so mean.”


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