by fyeahuta

K-Pop Charity Concert

Follow and promot us @Lotus_EO K-Pop Event Organizer in jakarta. 1st event is “K-Pop Charity Concert” 18 November 2012 at Gedung Pertunjukan GOR Bulungan, time 11.00 – end.
HTM: Rp 80.000,- (include lunch and merchandise)

Dance Cover Performance:

-CassieShinki (DBSK)
-SNBoys (Super Junior)
-GeeNine (SNSD)
-SKYNee (SHINee)
-f(x)plosion (f(x))
-EXOlite (EXO)

JYP Nation
-HighGirls (Wonder Girls)
-2ndfloor (2PM)
-Kiss A (Miss A)

YG Family
-B-Bang (Big Bang)

Cube United
-A-pearl (A-pink)

Starship Kingdom
-B-Friend (Boyfriend)

DSP Media

Core Content Media
-QueenisT (T-ara)

TS Entertainment
-SheCreate (Secret)

Ticketing reservation: KCC#NAMA ASLI#JUMLAH TIKET. Send to +628973781841

Registration K-Pop Stand +628973781841

More info @Lotus_EO


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